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This site's foundation is strongly rooted from the  GoodTimes Racing Team,
by the friendships that were developed  and the love for the sport of Superkart Racing that we all share.


This website was founded by Rob Forker of Zanesville, Ohio. He was a 24 year member of Good Times Racing along with Cary Dice and brother Doug. Rob enjoyed rock climbing, caving, photography, pc technology, was a private pilot, and also one of the best kayakers on the rivers. Above all, Rob was a kart racer and became an accomplished, championship 250 driver. He raced home track Mid Ohio, Gingerman, Grattan, I.R.P., Putnam Park, Summit Point, V.I.R., Daytona, Road Atlanta, Road America and Laguna Seca. Rob took the eternal checkered flag on March 8th, 2014 as a result of cancer. He will always be missed by all who had the good fortune of knowing him... If you are interested in owning this site to continue promoting 250 superkart racing contact:

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250 Superkarts have been likened to miniature Formula1 cars, racing on the same famous long circuit tracks around the world that F/1 and IndyCars do, at speeds in excess of 160mph and are, without doubt, the F/1 of the kart racing world. Being fitted with 6-speed 250cc GP motorcycle engines, 4-wheel disc brakes, full bodywork with rear wing, these karts have come a long way from Art Ingels' first "go-kart" and hold outright lap records at many tracks around the world.

As with Formula1 or IndyCars, this is not a beginner's class. Most drivers have started out in Sprint karts, moving to 125 Shifters and then to the 250 Superkart class; or have gained their experience racing bikes or cars and switch to Superkarts. Minimum age for drivers is 18 with at least two years of prior shifter kart or comprable experience.

U.S. Superkarts, LLC, is the organization that promotes the new 250 Superkart pro series in the U.S. and is promoting the United States Superkart Championship (USSC) consisting of an eastern and western division with a final race to crown the U.S. Champion.


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