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Here is a taste of BRC's engine for the public. This engine was engineered completely by BRC. BRC would like to acknowledge Mike Hemingway as a consultant.  Mike brought years of experience that, coupled with our engineering and manufacturing ability, has culminated into this design.  North America distribution will be through BRC Racing, European distribution will be through Mike Hemingway. Customers have a choice between Aprilia, Sudor, Rotax 129, and RCS cylinders.

Design improvements over a Rotax 256 are:
-Stronger billet cases (7075-T5).
-Liquid cooled cases.
-Current technology cylinders.
-Non overlapping transmission and disk valve covers.
-One piece disk valve cover with equal inlet lengths.
-Jack bolt locations for both transmission cover and disk valve cover.
-1.125" narrower at the internal water pump cover (integrated design
with chassis consideration).
-More convenient pulse fitting location (No longer hits chassis cross
bar at extreme chain lengths).
-Rotax 256 engine mount geometry.

Many other internal enhancements which make the engine easier to work on, more reliable, more powerful, and very user friendly.

Best Regards,
Riley Will
BRC Racing
403-216-0630 wk.
403-216-0639 fax.
BRC is a Canadian company


BRCBilletCase.JPG (33968 bytes)BRCBilletCase2.JPG (37969 bytes)BRCBilletCase3.JPG (43761 bytes)

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BCRCylinders3.JPG (12881 bytes)    BCRCylinders4.JPG (23910 bytes)

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The latest batch of production parts for the BRC 250F/E engine. The airbox was made
by Mike Hemingway in England.
Cranks, Rods, Cylinders and Engine Cases are by BRC of Calgary, Canada.

BRCnewpics1.JPG (43995 bytes)   BRCnewpics2.JPG (35978 bytes)   BRCnewpics4.JPG (41141 bytes) 
BRCnewpics7.JPG (36580 bytes)   BRCnewpics6.JPG (39712 bytes)    BRCnewpics9.JPG (48488 bytes)

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