P1 w/ BRC 250FE

NEW PRICE - $15,000

This has been sitting too long. Someone needs to take advantage of the deal and go win races with this kart.

2005 P1 chassis
Kelgate brakes, hubs, spindles, etc (spare uprights, rotors, pads and brake lines)
Custom aluminum front and rear bumpers (spare front and rear steel bumpers)
Carbon fiber everything! gas tank, floor pan, pods, nose, wing, rad induction, seat, bubble, etc. All work done by P1
Most all the big nuts and bolts have been swapped out to titanium (this saved around 2 lbs)
P1 laydown Carbon Seat
4 total sets of Burris rims - 2 with new rubber, slicks and rains
Complete spare bodywork (nose and pods in fiberglass black)
Kart is currently setup with Ackerman steering (have complete Kelgate rack and pinion setup to change to if desired))
Spare aluminum fuel tank and mounts

BRC 250FE Power - Fully rebuilt with latest spec cylinders, heads, etc. This thing is BRAND NEW. The motor along would run you 15k+ if you called to duplicate this right now
Full Speed electronics with electronic power valves (currently setup with pop off valves per Riley)
Axle drive water pump
Latest generation pipes (spare pipes and mounts as well)
39MM DelOrto carbs
Airbox and ram air (spare filter setup as well)
AIM Mychron4 datalogger (2 EGTs, Water, Speed, RPM, throttle position, track mapping, etc) with beacon
Probably 6 different head setups
Spare gaskets, pistons, o-rings, clutches, ignition parts, TONS of stuff
Complete set of drive and axle gears
Complete set of jets, needles, etc. I mean EVERYTHING you could possibly need, it is every item BRC sells.

I have so many more spares it's scary, boxes and boxes of nuts/bolts, mounts; it goes on and on.

For 15k we will deliver to Laguna, COTA or a Western event of your choice. If desired, we will help with tuning for the first weekend. If someone is interested in a lease deal it is negotiable.

Reggie Brown, Jr.
(Kart is located in the Denver, CO area)