Anderson Mirage / 251 PVP - Two Kart Package

Kart # 1
2007 Mirage run once at VIR by Trevor Roberts then purchased and raced in U.S. from 2009 on. No damage with full P1 carbon fiber bodywork. Other features include special headrest, large carbon seat, AIM F1 steering wheel with GPS, axle gear cush-drive and separate water temp indicator, newest larger air box. The PVP speed shifter mod is installed as well. Motor has two race (2 hours) on complete rebuild. Kart has won several Championships and most recently won overall at Daytona posting 2 seconds a lap faster times than second place finisher. First F1 Superkart to win overall in 7 years.

Kart #2
Blue Mirage from California through Riley Will. Obviously a very low time chassis with all new rotors and brakes. Kart was purchased as a back up kart and has not been raced for several years, never damaged and has full P1 bodywork. Kart needs very little finishing adjustments to be race ready. Motor has only 10 minutes (break in) time since total rebuild with new carburetors modified by Viper Racing.

Both motors purchased from Ian Harrison at Viper Racing along with the spare cylinders, cranks and special tools as they were changing team sponsorship. Everything to run a team effort was included.

Also included:
2 sets of spare wheels
2 Kartlift Electric kart stands
1 axle electric start motor with battery
2 spare crankshafts (0 time)
2 cylinders (0 time)
2 sets optional head inserts
1 spare clutch assembly
PVP Factory engine tools
kit of all o-rings etc. misc. new spares
2 spare radiators
1 spare axle (new)
several motor gears and several axle gears
complete transmission optional ratio set
spare uprights (new)
spare steering shaft (new)
totaling over $7000 spares

Offered as a package only $ 32K U.S. plus shipping

Bobby Butler
Houma, Louisiana U.S.

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