2008 Anderson Mirage w/ GasGas

Kart #99
Driver: Firouz Haghighi
Kart: 2008 Anderson Mirage with GasGas engine mount
Engine: 2008 GasGas
Carb: Mikuni TMX 41.5, ESR (Eddie Sanders Racing) prepared
Reed cage: ESR with custom made reeds
Gears: complete set front and rear
Engine rebuild: complete rebuild in 2013, started on the stand only
Electronics: Mycron Gold Plus
Shifter: no lift electric shifter
Axle starter nut
Water pump: high volume electric with extra battery and charger
Tires: Hoosier 6x6 front, 6x9 rear
Condition: perfect
Overall cost: $16k
Sale price: $10k
Overall information: This is a top 5 kart. (It is a lot faster then me. Needs a younger driver!)

--------------------------------SPECIAL DEAL!-----------------------------------

If you buy this kart AND the #46 kart at $24k, I will let go of ALL the Superkart parts and GasGas spares I have at no additional charge.
Some of the items include:
Double stack kart stand with wheels for transport.
Two electric kart stands
Electric starter with stand
2 set of never used Hoosier rain tires
4 sets of never used Hoosier slicks
2 sets of mounted rain tires on Dougless 6x6 front and 6x9 rear
3 complete sets of Burris wheels 6x6 front and 6x9 rear
2 tire ring
Two sets of engine bearings and gaskets
Brand new brake pads
ETC., ETC., ETC.........

For further info contact:
817 233 6344
firouzhaase [at] aol.com

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