2008 Anderson Maverick (Div 1) w/ Wiwa GasGas 250

2008 Anderson Maverick (Div 1) with Wiwa GasGas 250 Engine.

Includes Hydraulic Hand Clutch

Mychron4 with Data Key

Mikuni Carb – ESR Intake - Carbon Reeds

Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel w/ Rain Light/Switch & Water pump Light/Switch

Carbon Fiber Rear Wing, Front Nose, Wing Side plates

Electric Water Pump

Timer Mounted on the Steering Wheel

Chain Oiler

Optional Engine start from axle or crank.

Left Hand Starter for Crank

Custom Rear Radiator

Rain Light

12v Rechargeable battery for water pump and Mycron

Parts Included;

Engine Parts:

1x Head Insert $100

1x NGK Plug $50

3x Denso 34 Plug $150

Mikuni Jets 500-420, 400-370

Kart Parts:

1x Rain Set Wheels w/ new Dunlop Rains $400

3x Set of Wheels (1 set w/ New DES) $600

3x Complete set Front Pads $60

3x Complete set Rear Pads $80

1+x Brake Rebuilt Kit (Caliper and master) $150

3x Front Sprocket 20,20, 23 $75

4x Rear Sprocket (25,26,27,28) $200

2x NiMh battery with a Charger $180

1x Left Hand Starter for Crank $100

1x Spare SideWinder Chain

1x Kart Rack $1,000

Too many other assorted parts (intakes, reeds, bearings etc.) to list.

Kart had a complete rebuild over the winter, all new bearings, new rotors (old ones are good for spare), all new wiring. Engine fresh. Have equivalent of one full race weekend.

The kart rack can carry two superkarts, or you can use the bottom for supplies (I use the bottom for fuel and some parts). The kart can be easily loaded by one person from a kart lift roll on to the kart rack, or unload off the rack to a kart lift.

All included complete package for $12,900 OBO.

Plan on being at Topeka Oct 3-6.

Contact Ardy, ardy[at]performanceadmin.com

A V-Nose 7x14 all aluminum trailer, carpeted, in good shape, with two kart rack tires, spare new wheel, inside lights, etc.. will be available after the kart sale.

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