2003 Cobalt w/ CR250

2003 Cobalt built by Powersource Racing. The kart is ready to race with a HONDA CR250 engine prepared by Powersports. This chassis won the IC/E race at Laguna Seca in 2003.
Presently this package has numerous WKA Unlimited National wins and has been the Dart Kart Unlimited yearly champion several times. The COBALT is manufactured in the United States by cr2 Motorsports. This allows the parts to be available without the high cost of importing. Literally impossible to go faster for less money. An amazing kart in a very enjoyable class. Get some pleasure out of racing.

Features of this package:

The kart chassis is completely adjustable for camber, castor, track, and wheelbase. Presently set up for a 5'10" 160 lb. driver.

HONDA CR250 engine fully prepared with emphasis on both power and reliability.

Amazing Brembo brakes with spare pads.

Cooling by twin Wizard radiators. (Never overheats regardless of ambient temp)

Additional seat and supports for 220 pound/6 foot 2 inch driver.

Electric power lift.

$5,000.00 for everything.

Contact: William Schmitt at: (989) 239-0988 (cell) or at: WNNCO@charter.net

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